General Conditions


  1. These terms of use means (“we”, company DIGIVODA sas) as a service provider for the creation and modification of logotypes (“you”) as presented on the website (“site”). Internet “) as well as any other means of se réserve le droit de modifier les termes et conditions d’utilisation de son site sans délai et sans préavis. Toute modification est applicable dès sa publication sur notre site internet.
  2. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use of its website without delay and without notice. Any modification is applicable as soon as it is published on our website.Lorsque vous passez une commande sur notre site, vous certifiez avoir pris connaissance et accepter les garanties ou les autres conditions attenantes à votre commande en plus des présentes conditions d’utilisation.
  3. When you visit our website or browse its content, create an account or place an order, you implicitly accept our terms of use.Tous règlement ou paiement fait à la société, implique l’acceptation de ces conditions générales.
  4. When you place an order on our site, you certify that you have read and accept the warranties or other conditions attached to your order in addition to these terms of use.
  5. assures as far as possible the accuracy of the information on the website. This information may nevertheless be updated or modified at any time. The information is delivered as is and must be independently verified by users.
  6. Any payment or payment made to the company implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  1. In exchange for the payment for the service of creation and modification of logos, has the obligation to carry out the treatment of or images in accordance with the following provisions:1.    Use the tools provided (whose use is at your own risk) to generate and transmit your files (maximum weight of 150MB) to via our server or let us recover your files on your server and submit a detailed description of the services expected.If no indication is mentioned, we will create a logotype according to our aspiration and our choices. Any order includes the transfer of the image and the description of the expected service.2.    Upon receipt of any order, will verify its ability to fulfill its obligations. In addition, will evaluate the complexity of the request. The payment of the invoice is done beforehand.
    1. Use the tools provided (whose use is at your own risk) to generate and transmit your files (maximum weight of 150MB) to via our server or let us recover your files on your server and submit a detailed description of the services expected.If no indication is mentioned, we will create a logotype according to our aspiration and our choices. Any order includes the transfer of the image and the description of the expected service.
    2. Upon receipt of any order, will verify its ability to fulfill its obligations. In addition, will evaluate the complexity of the request. The payment of the invoice is done beforehand.
    3. Following your confirmation and payment of the invoice by credit card (PayPal), check or bank transfer, will honor your order using the tools and graphics software available.
    4. When the processing of your images is finished you will be notified by email and you will be able to download your images on our FTP server or by any other means of downloading that we will put at your disposal. However, we recommend that you regularly visit your personal page if our email has been blocked by your security system (antivirus, antispam or other). You have several options to upload your images (one by one or zip file via your internet browser or via our server).
  2. All orders are subject to acceptance by reserves the right to refuse an order in its sole discretion. In the case of no response beyond 14 days, we consider that the order is accepted by the customer and that it is satisfied. After this period, each modification of the logo will be invoiced by tranche of $10 the modification, as long as it remains in the spirit of the chosen logo and does not require a consequent work of the logo.
  3. Depending on the pack chosen, we will propose one or more creative track. Formula 1, $59 corresponds to 2 different creative concepts. The formula 2, at $79 corresponds to 3 different creative concepts. The formula 3, $99 corresponds to 4 different creative concepts. Formula 4, at $199 corresponds to 10 different creative concepts.Once the creative concepts presented, the customer will have to choose one and ask for modifications based on it.If he wants to add additional creative concepts, will send him a quote.
  4. You have the option to cancel an order following receipt of the quote. However, after validation of the quote from you and to the extent that the processing / creation of your logo have begun you cannot cancel your order.
  5. Delivery times indicated on our website or mentioned in our quote are only indicative. We cannot therefore be held responsible for delays and delays in the delivery of your order. The deadlines indicated in our estimate are valid as from the acceptation of the estimate of your part. You will be warned as far as possible by delays that occur in your order. The payment of the order must intervene in all circumstances in case of delay of delivery.
  6. All prices displayed on our website are subject to change without delay and without notice.
  7. We are fighting credit card fraud at PayPal. Accordingly, we will report to the appropriate authorities any person who uses or attempts to use the credit card, the PayPal account of a third person without prior authorization.
  8. Once the creative leads have been received, the customer must choose one and request modifications on them. The customer cannot ask to receive several variants of his modifications.
    Each modification is subject to a single treatment and therefore a single photo..
    If, however, decides to send several variants, it is at its sole discretion and to facilitate the work of selection, if it is deemed necessary by
    In no case can the customer demand to receive several variations at a time.Even though the changes are made faster than the creative, each change can have duration of three business days..
    In cases of complex changes, the return time of a change may be longer.


  1. You certify that the information transmitted to in the context of its activity is correct and that you are the account holder used for the payment of your order in electronic money and that you have sufficient funds to cover the costs of your order. We reserve the right to verify the provision of your account before any work is performed.
  2. If a logotype creation made by us in accordance with the terms of use is deemed defective by us, will propose changes at no additional cost to the customer. This provision is your sole remedy in case of non-compliance with the above warranty provided that is involved. (See also clause 9.1)., however, rejects any liability arising from an order or any other erroneous instructions.
  3. Any claim relating to poor quality, misunderstanding, change of style, additional creative concepts of the creation of logotype, or service rendered in accordance with these terms of use must be notified within 14 days after delivery. After this time the order is considered to be in accordance with your order.
  4. All means are implemented to ensure the availability of the website. However, cannot guarantee the continuity of the service and the absence of error message.
  5. We assume no responsibility for any alteration or loss of data, loss of profits or income, loss or delay of business opportunity or other indirect damage.
  6. Our responsibility cannot in any case exceed the amount of your order.
  7. A processed image or a logotype will remain available for a period of 30 days from its deposit on our server. We will not be held responsible for any failure to respect these deadlines. In the same way, we cannot be responsible in case of non-receipt of your email notifications due to inter alia the blocking of your emails by security software.


  1. You represent and warrant being authorized to place an order with and to transmit the attached image files. You agree to indemnify and unload against all losses, damages, claims, legal actions, costs, expenses, expenses and liabilities of any kind arising out of or in connection with any claim relating to the possession or use by image files that have been sent to us as part of your order if they do not respect the property rights of a third party.
  2. is a registered trademark and may not be used without the written consent of Any other brand used on the website is the property of their respective owners.
  3. Following the payment of the service and the downloading of your images, the rights attached to the logotype are automatically transferred to you. In case of default of payment, remains the owner of the rights of the logotype.


  1. Some private information such as your name, email address and other personal information may be requested by as part of its activity.
  2. This personal information may also be used as part of a general correspondence, technical support, service or mailing campaign. If you do not wish to receive such communications please let us know by contacting us at
  3. All this information will remain confidential and will only be used in the context of the commercial activity of This information cannot be disclosed or sold to third parties except in the case of partial or total sale of activity.


  1. You acknowledge that you are responsible for the protection of your computer system, hardware, software and data belonging to you or third parties that may access or connect to your computer system. Therefore, you take the responsibility to check before use that any e-mails, programs or other data downloaded or otherwise obtained from our website are free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other forms of malicious code.
  2. takes all possible measures to ensure that an unauthorized third party does not access the data exchanged via the website. However, we cannot guarantee the infallibility of our system. Accordingly, you agree that there is a risk that an unauthorized third party will intercept or access the information you transmit via our website.
  3. uses “cookies” to identify users and offer them personalized service in order to fulfill their commercial obligations.


  1. Stakeholders undertake not to disclose any confidential information communicated to one of the parties in the context of their contractual relationship in accordance with these terms of use. They also undertake not to use or disclose this confidential information to any third party without the prior written consent of the other party. This provision does not apply to the extent that this information is public or is already known to the recipient at the time of disclosure.


  1. The information collected by in the context of its activity will not be disclosed to a third party without your prior consent. The information collected is for the sole purpose of responding to the service offered by
  2. The rights and duties you have agreed to by accepting the terms of use are not transferable to a third party.
  3. If a provision or part of a provision included in these terms of use is found to be unlawful, invalid, void or for any reason inapplicable by a court of competent jurisdiction, then that provision or part of the provision in question, must be regarded as deleted. The rest of these terms of use will still apply.
  4. No party to the contract can be held responsible for any breach of any of its obligations to the extent that they are due to reasonably uncontrollable external circumstances.
  5. The non-respect, breach or waiver by one of the parties to one or more of the provisions of these terms of use may not be used as an excuse by the other party for non-compliance, violation or the waiver of any provision of these Terms of Use.


  1. In case of disagreement between and one of its customers, will judge independently whether the logotype has been correctly processed or not. If the logotype has been correctly created and the customer wishes to change creative concept, new creations will be billed to the customer.